• By Ellie McDaniel
  • 19 Aug, 2016

As part of our 2016 showroom refurbishment project, we are selling off thousands of pounds worth of ex-display items at vastly reduced starting prices!

Whether you are looking for a new basin, or want to kit out an entire bathroom, we have plenty of high quality products with incredible discounts on our Ebay page. Check it out and pick up a bargain here: http://ebay.eu/2b3MW9z

By Catherine Dove 22 Aug, 2017
Recently we have been working for a client with a rented property looking to refurb two of their en suite bathrooms. Our team are delighted with the amazing transformation of each bathroom, the before and after photos below showing just how much of an improvement was made. The designers incorporated some of our most popular brands to give each bathroom the showroom effect that our clients desired.

Bathroom No.1
This is the perfect couples bathroom with stunning twin sinks and a large spacious double ended bath. The mirror lighting on the cabinets is an exciting extra touch, ensuring there is the optimum lighting for getting ready in the morning. The dark, sleek basin with two discreet inset sinks is by Dansani,  whilst the dreamy sunken bath is by Bette.  The wall hung toilet is Catalano  as is the sophisticated flush plate. The showerhead, taps, valves and shower handset are all from Arteform.

Check out the magic the house fitters and designers created to make this bathroom so stunning below!
By Catherine Dove 24 Jul, 2017

Do you consider lighting when you’re planning to re design your bathroom?

Lighting is a key part of any room in your home and certainly features highly in our showroom.   At Options Studio we know what a huge difference stylish yet practical lighting can make to your bathroom experience, so we have spent years ensuring that innovative and unique bathroom lighting is an area that our team thrive within. We are constantly coming up with lighting solutions for customers who have no idea how much choice they have, so we’ve brought a few of our projects together to inspire you.

By Catherine Dove 16 Jun, 2017

Black has been hugely popular so far this year, and it won’t be stopping anytime soon. Its simplicity yet contemporary tone is perfect for the modern bathroom, particularly when paired with some innovative lighting. Black  brassware  is also a very stylish and original accessory to consider; its smooth matt surface is stunning in contrast to a textured white surface.

By Ellie McDaniel 02 May, 2017

Imagine coming home from a stressful day at work to bathe in this gorgeous, Jane Austin style copper free-standing tub…

Our beloved traditional polished copper free-standing bath is the eye-catching window centrepiece to our Sunninghill showroom, and we can’t wait for you to take in its originality and luxuriousness.

The sophistication and impact of a tub with such distinctiveness would transform any bathroom interior into a unique space with real wow factor. With a traditional Georgian feel to the bath, it indulges a sense of nostalgic high-society found only in your favourite literary classic novel.

So, indulge yourself! To come and see this unique copper bath for yourself, please visit us at the  Sunninghill Options Bath and Tile Studio , where our team will be happy to show you around.

By Ellie McDaniel 29 Apr, 2017

With nature themes prevalent in 2017, wood is the perfect material to feature in your bathroom, and with a rich variety of timber, you will be spoilt for choice!

Let us help you innovatively and creatively combine wood with stone, metal and ceramics for a completely unique bathroom interior. Research has gone into combining wood with these materials to ensure that they merge perfectly and can even be seamlessly introduced directly in the way of the water, such as floor coverage and shower zings!

Check out our  gallery  for some ideas on combining textures, or visit our  showroom  in person to get more inspiration and advice. Here are a couple of examples to get you started:

By Ellie McDaniel 19 Apr, 2017
‘Modernisation’ was our clients requirements for their Master En Suite in particular a double basin for both ‘his n hers’ own space.
By Ellie McDaniel 15 Mar, 2017

Choosing the floor and wall  tiles  for your  bathroom  can be really tough – the choices seem almost endless and the variety is overwhelming. Many choose to go for a pale, sophisticated yet simple tiling design which is guaranteed to look flawless and stylish. However, considering bolder, brighter, patterned tiling will guarantee you a wow factor that you and all your guests will appreciate. This doesn’t mean you need to cover your bathroom with the craziest tiles possible; a feature wall will draw the eye, emphasise the contrasting tiles and look incredible, without coming across as overwhelming or tasteless.


1/ Texture

Combining textures in the  bathroom  is certain to give a contemporary and unique feel. No longer is the bathroom limited to porcelain ceramics! Stone, wood, cork and glass are just a few options, each with various textures such as glossy, matt, polished and satin. The gorgeous  shower  room below uses the contrast between the dark textured wood and the smooth cream  tiles  to have a real impact. Textured feature walls such as this add interest and originality to your bathroom.

By Ellie McDaniel 10 Feb, 2017

Brassware is a huge trend of 2017 that will give your bathroom a truly contemporary feel whilst creating an interior with character and originality. All-white  bathrooms  have a modern look, but can also come across as quite cold and clinical; coloured brassware is here to save the day, adding sophistication, style and impact.


With a vast variety of coloured brassware products being available, such as shower heads, taps and shower accessories, these features could bring your bathroom together with personality and uniqueness.

By Ellie McDaniel 23 Jan, 2017

We think a lot about the comfort, convenience and aesthetics of your   bathroom , so we are always on the lookout for new bathroom innovations, trends and technology. 2017 has introduced multiple new trends that we can’t wait to implement in some gorgeous, contemporary yet long-lasting bathrooms. We have chosen a few trends which we predict will be taking over the bathroom industry with their practicality, style and timelessness.

1/ Rimless Toilets

As beautiful as your bathroom may be, it will always need cleaning. However, there is a new style of toilet which minimises bacteria and germs, rimless toilets. Usually the rim is where the water flushes from; the underside gains residue and you are unable to see what may be underneath. Rimless toilets eliminate this inconvenience, making your toilet more hygienic and convenient, whilst having an aesthetic style unrivalled by many other toilets. Our rimless toilets come in multiple shapes, with options such as gloss, china, soft-close lid and with multiple flush choices.

By Ellie McDaniel 07 Dec, 2016

There are many factors to consider when choosing the elements of a new bathroom, and flooring  tiles  can be one area that is difficult to decide upon. We’ve got a few tips to help you out:


1 / The colour

The amount of natural light that reaches your bathroom will indicate the best shade of floor tile for your interior. Do you need a lighter colour, to reflect the light, making the room seem bigger? Or is the room a decent size, meaning that dark tiles would bring everything together and contrast stylishly with the lighter parts of the interior. However, don’t be fooled that darker tiles will disguise the dirt; although they are a brilliant choice for a contemporary interior, they hide dirt no more that lighter coloured  tiles .

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