Do you consider lighting when you’re planning to redesign your bathroom? It's an important question we like to ask our customers when they visit our showroom. 

Lighting offers more than just the stripping under the cabinets and above the mirror. It is a key part of any room in your home and certainly features highly in our showroom. Below are just a few images of our bathroom creations that show exactly how and where lighting can be used to create that special ambience.

Scroll down for some inspiration, or visit our showroom to see the full range of lighting options. 
The mirror above the basin not only provides that decorative look but, the lighting is practical enough to use first thing in the morning when you are getting ready for the day ahead. The light from the mirror bounces off the sleek design tap as it stands proud on the basin. There is stripped lighting under the unit which reflects onto the floor giving this area a soft look. 
Mood Lighting
The lights set into the bath bounce onto the floor and reflect into the mirror which cascades the light into the whole area. This is created without using any lights in the ceiling allowing you to have the right balance of lighting without the room being too bright.
The discreet shower enclosure doesn’t need direct lighting inside as the surrounding area provides all the lighting that it needs. There is lighting underneath the toilet which makes it stand out and shines and reflects onto the glass door of the shower screen. 
Add a Touch of Colour
Lighting doesn’t have to be clear so inject some colour into your room. This cabinet boasts a subtle shade of red reflecting off the glass, underneath and onto the basin without being too intrusive. The colour is so subtle that it is purely concentrated on the area around the basin and not reflected anywhere else in the room. 
Personal Space for a Personal Moment
A quirky backdrop behind this wall hung toilet in the form of a floating wall with cleverly designed lighting behind. All giving the illusion of a secret door that could open if you touched the flush plate, whilst complimenting the tiling which makes this small cloakroom larger than it actually is. 
Colour Surprises Within This Cabinet
This cabinet has colour changing features to alter the ambience depending on your mood. 
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